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Deaf Cricket Trial in Bradford Saturday 29th May

On 29th May, the ECAD talent ID coaching team will be heading to Bradford to seek out new cricketers for the ECAD North and ECAD Yorkshire county teams.

The county team currently play one flagship match per year against Lancashire - the Roses Match - while the ECAD North team which sits above that, play around 8 or 9 matches over the summer, mostly on Sundays. There are also indoor matches across the winter months.

In October we are launching a National Deaf Cricket Centre in Birmingham, which will become a hub for weekend training and indoor competition.

At the trial we hope to see cricketers from the age of 10 up to adults who would like to be involved and who are already playing, or have played, some hard ball cricket. Players with a hearing loss in one ear which would require assistance from an aid up to profoundly Deaf cricketers are welcome.

To register for the trial, please visit our website.

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