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DICC Update - February 2017

DICC Deaf International Cricket Council

DICC AGM 2017 - all DICC members have agreed to postpone their 2017 AGM until later in the year with a view to tour Sri Lanka to inspect potential venues, hotels and meet sponsors for the 2018 tournament.

Following meetings over the last few years and the most recent AGM during October 2016, the ICC have said that they are committed to passing on information of our DICC members to their ICC Full & Associate members to help raise the profile of Deaf cricket in their respective countries for development and perhaps to help raise funds.

Once we have ALL our DICC members’ details, we can pass this onto ICC but it is most imperative members act quickly as possible.

Questions and answers via DICC & Sri Lankan Deaf Cricket (SLDCA)

  • Question - SL to host DICC AGM 2017 in October? Will this be feasible? It is likely that we will have between 12 to 16 delegates.

  • Answer - SLDCA-As the SLDCA team was concentrating on the Asia cup we did not work towards hosting a meeting in SL. Let me discuss with the President and the rest of the team and revert to you. This weekend the president is not meeting us for a meeting due to a personal commitment. Hence will update you in a week.

  • Question – Sponsors; may we ask how is the progress going towards raising funds for the 2018 tournament?

  • Answer - SLDCA-We were advised by the Minister of Sports yesterday that we need to enter our tournament details with budget and calendar of events to their master calendar for 2018. Even though we have shared 2 previous proposals nothing had progressed. So, this details will be furnished with budgets to the sports ministry. However, they draw up the master plan in June for 2018. Will keep the DICC informed of the progress.

  • Question - DICC World Cup 2018 announcement - is this still planned for end of February 2017? A few cricket boards need to plan their budgets by mid-end of March 2017

  • Answer - SLDCA-This is our intention

  • Question - Hotel - do you have details of proposed hotels & food? i.e. Name and internet links

  • Question - Venues for matches; any details on internet and names?

  • Answer - SLDCA-We have not moved much on this area as we were working towards the Asia cup and getting the current Minister of Sports educated about Deaf Cricket. I will get another team to start working on this. Shall update accordingly.

  • Question – Guarantee / insurance; will there be insurance of re-fund of travel costs in case of cancellation?

  • Answer - SLDCA-No we do not have any such insurance cover presently.

  • Question - How many teams will be invited? DICC appreciate the host can invite so many teams so DICC may have to organize who is attending.

  • Answer - SLDCA-We were hoping it would be 8 teams

The following DICC members have already submitted their information to DICC & ICC:

· Australia, England, India, Pakistan, South Africa & Sri Lanka

DICC request that the following countries send their information to Mr Michael Lombard (DICC Secretary) as soon as possible:

· Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada, Nepal, New Zealand, West Indies, Zimbabwe and any other countries that have not yet submitted the required information.

DICC request the following information:

AGM elections including reports from chairman, secretary, treasurer etc.

· Account reports · Constitution · Audiograms of national and international players (NB: DICC to submit own DICC Audiogram forms) · Records of official audiologists · Any proof of affiliation with other boards including hearing cricket boards · Any record of domestic cricket including scorecards, photos, reports etc · Proof of female cricketers (including photographs)

DICC Affiliation and Certificate requests - if required, please send an email to Mr M. Lombard (DICC Secretary) with a draft document ready for Mr Lombard to sign on an official DICC letterhead.

Other news -

Australia Cricket Inclusion Championships (Deaf & hard of hearing) Geelong, January 2017

· Asia Cup (ADCC) in Hyderabad, India on February 25th to March 5th 2017 hosted by Hyderabad Cricket Association and AICAD. Updates and scores will be published on (Contact: Ratanveer Cornelius - skype ID is ratanveer.cornelius2 and my email address is Regular updates will be displayed on If there are any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact either Mr Lombard or myself on either Skype or email.

Yours in cricket,

Stefan Pichowski DICC Vice-chairman (Deaf International Cricket Council)

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