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13th December 2016 - DICC newsletter

DICC - Deaf International Cricket Council

Dear DICC members and supporters of Deaf cricket,

I trust this update finds you all well.

  • DICC AGM 2017 at Hyderabad during Asia Cup (ADCC) in February 25th to March 5th 2017.

Since the DICC Executive Committee have recognised the opportunity at a ready made stage of the Asia Cup games where all six members from Asia will be present, unless there is further notice, the DICC AGM 2017 will be held at Hyderabad in February & March 2017.

DICC would like to thank both AICAD (India) and ADCC for allowing this opportunity to occur. AICAD will be sending details about the hotels shortly so that the remaining DICC members can arrange their own hotels. More information will be sent shortly.

  • Following several emails from DICC members such as Bangladesh, India and Nepal. I wish to recap on recent developments between ICC & DICC.

Following meetings over the last few years and the most recent AGM during October 2016, the ICC have said that they are committed to passing on information of our DICC members to their ICC Full & Associate members to help raise the profile of Deaf cricket in their respective countries for development and perhaps to help raise funds.

The following DICC members have already submitted their information to DICC & ICC:

· Australia, England, India, Pakistan, South Africa & Sri Lanka

DICC request that the following countries send their information to Mr Michael Lombard (DICC Secretary) as soon as possible:

· Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Canada, Nepal, New Zealand, West Indies, Zimbabwe and any other countries that have not yet submitted the required information.

DICC request the following information:

· AGM elections including reports from chairman, secretary, treasurer etc.

· Account reports

· Constitution

· Audiograms of national and international players (NB: DICC to submit own DICC Audiogram forms)

· Records of official audiologists

· Any proof of affiliation with other boards including hearing cricket boards

· Any record of domestic cricket including scorecards, photos, reports etc

· Proof of female cricketers (including photographs) Other news -

· Asia Cup (ADCC) in Hyderabad, India on February 25th to March 5th 2017. DICC are delighted to learn that the Asia Cup is being hosted by AICAD (India). As it is a T20 format, it is anticipated that India will be joined by Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. DICC hope that the Asia Cup will be a success and look forward to watching some of the cricket.

· Sri Lanka Deaf Cricket Association & T20 tournament in June / July 2018. SL Deaf have reported that this is work in progress with their authorities and they will continue to keep DICC up to date with their progress. DICC wish them every luck in making this a success.

· DICC Championship 2020 (50 overs): DICC are seeking a host with the official endorsement of their government or cricket board so please do contact DICC if they express any interest and talks can commence.

· DICC Affiliation and Certificate requests - if required, please send an email to Mr M. Lombard (DICC Secretary) with a draft document ready for Mr Lombard to sign on an official DICC letterhead.

· DICC Audiograms - this is currently being set up for the next proposed tournament in Sri Lanka. Please note that players need to be checked by official audiologists with their registration number, players' passport details and with a completed DICC Audiogram. More information will follow.

· DICC AGM 2016 minutes - Mr Michael Lombard is working tirelessly to complete the minutes and he expects to complete this before Christmas 2016. DICC send their gratitude to Mr Lombard for this thankless task.

If there are any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact either Mr Lombard or myself on either Skype or email.

Yours in cricket,

Stefan Pichowski

DICC Vice-chairman (Deaf International Cricket Council)


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