Play Deaf Cricket

We are always looking for more people to join Deaf cricket.  The number of active players has increased by over 200% in the past 3 years and there has never been a better to time to start playing Deaf cricket.

We know there are many people with a hearing loss who are playing mainstream cricket, something that most of our Deaf cricketers continue to do, but many in mainstream cricket are unaware of the opportunities in Deaf cricket; the opportunity to play Deaf county cricket, and maybe even represent England in international series and tournaments.

Deaf cricket has a mixture of players from different backgrounds and with different types of hearing loss.  Many players are oral, some have Cochlear implants, some are profoundly Deaf and rely on BSL, for those interpreters are provided.  


On the pitch all players must remove all hearing aids and Cochlear implants to create a level playing field of deafness.  For some this can take a little getting used to but to date we have not lost anyone to Deaf cricket because of it.  We provide all the support you need to make Deaf cricket a great experience and a great opportunity to spend more time with similar people in a cricketing environment.

To qualify to play at the grassroots level, you just need to wear hearing aids/Cochlear implants in both ears.  That signifies sufficient hearing loss to qualify to play up to and including county Deaf level.

In order to qualify to make the further step into international Deaf cricket you will need to have at least 55 decibels average hearing loss in your better ear. 

For more information on joining Deaf cricket, please contact Development officer and Vice-chairman Darren Talbot.

Jimmy Dixon England & Lancashire Deaf Cricketer
England Lions & Lancashire Deaf Cricketer