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Current members fee is £20 for existing players and associate members.

New playing members joining ECAD for the first time it is £70 - £20 annual membership fee and £50 to buy their new Team kit. 

You will join either ECAD North, ECAD South or ECAD Midlands (according to your area) branded clothing (white shirt, cap, coloured shirt & coloured trousers), personalised with your name and an individual playing number. The clothing is worth £75. You will need to complete the team kit form separately, please get the form from

To fill in the membership form please use this link: You will need to copy and paste the link. Once you complete the form in the link you will then receive ECAD's monthly newsletter.

All Members will also benefit from: -

  • Insurance cover when playing in ECAD matches and tournaments

  • Priority access to ECAD matches & ECAD Tournaments.

  • Reduced match fees of £8 per game for Members.

  • Be able to vote at the AGM

  • Personal cricket development support

  • Monthly newsletter including BSL version

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